Other Funding

offered campus-wide

Academic Senate Doctoral Student Travel Grant 

The Doctoral Student Travel Grant awards travel funds to graduate students who have been invited or selected to present a paper, present research, perform or exhibit at a major professional conference or meeting. The grants are awarded to eligible students on a first-come, first-served basis each fiscal year. Applicants must be doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy, or Master of Fine Arts students who are in their second year of study and in candidacy prior to travel. Students are eligible to receive one Doctoral Student Travel Grant during their graduate career at UCSB. Deadline is at least 21 days in advance of travel.


Individualized Professional Skills Grant 

The UCSB Individualized Professional Skills (IPS) Program is designed to help graduate students and postdoctoral scholars fill in the funding gaps for pursuing opportunities that support their professional development in a variety of career trajectories. Awards up to $1000 will be granted to eligible UCSB graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from any discipline who wish to individually tailor their career paths with outside professional development opportunities. These opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Attending workshops, industry trade shows, trainings, certificate programs, and other professional events
  • Visits to potential industries and companies
  • Visits to job shadow potential mentors or others in a chosen industry
  • Career-focused professional organization events, amongst others.


Graduate Student Resource Center 

Finding funding for your research is an important part of being an academic. Developing the skills necessary to find, apply for, and receive grants will not only help you as a student but will also continue to be valuable as you embark on a career. It is also essential for graduate students to learn about how personal finance matters such as loans, credit, insurance, and taxes uniquely affect them as a student. Visit here and/or reach out to the Funding Peer. The GSRC also has a Funding Forecast, which is a quarterly list of over 100 funding opportunities with deadlines in the next three to four months.


Chicano Studies Institute Dissertation Grants

Research on topics pertaining to Chicana/o or Latina/o populations in the United States. Projects grounded in all academic fields are welcome with priority given to interdisciplinary research projects. Visit here more information.


CNS Graduate Fellowships – Humanities and Social Science

CNS Graduate Fellowships provide funding comparable to that of social science and humanities teaching or research fellowships offered by academic departments. Graduate fellows are integrated into Center activities that include faculty, researchers, and other students from social science, humanities, and science and engineering disciplines. Visit here.


CNS Graduate Fellowships – Science and Engineering

Fellowships are either quarterly or for a 12-month period (maximum 2-year renewable) with a start date at the beginning of fall quarter. Each fellows works with a faculty mentor primarily in one of the three CNS Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs) or a Cross-IRG (X-IRG). Visit here.