Apply for Funding

The GSA has long recognized that one of the more essential services we can provide to our graduate peers is financial support. We encourage you to apply for funding to continue your endeavors.


The Childcare Grant

is designed to provide financial assistance to graduate students with dependents who are in need due to graduate activities (e.g., exams, conferences, workshops, etc.). Funding is available quarterly including summer until funds expire. 

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The Conference Travel Grant

is intended to help offset the costs of travel or registration fees at professional conferences in which a graduate student is presenting original research findings. It is designed to provide financial assistance to all graduate students. Eligible students will receive up to $200 in reimbursement for registration or travel costs related to conference travel. 

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Event Co-Sponsorship Funds

are available in an amount up to $300 per student organization per quarter, with a maximum of $600 awarded per academic year per student organization. Qualifying graduate student organizations are those that are planning events such as conferences, symposia, lecture series, live performances, or some other event that provides a means for graduate students to enrich their educational experience at UC Santa Barbara.

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The Emergency Relief Grant

offers financial assistance to graduate students who are experiencing sudden financial distress due to unforeseen circumstances such as family loss, medical emergency, unexpected loss of employment, or unplanned financial hardship caused by the birth of a child, etc. Funding is extremely limited with approximately six grants made each quarter, including summer. Awards range from $50 – $1,000 per graduate student.

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The Graduate Student Internship Fellowship

Need a way to fund your summer internship? Looking to get experience outside of your department? Need financial help to fund an exciting opportunity? Apply for this year's Graduate Student Internship Fellowship!

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The COVID-19 Relief Grant

was approved by the General Assembly in April 2020 to assist graduate students who are experiencing sudden financial hardship due to the novel coronavirus. Examples may include, but are not limited to, loss of employment, medical expenses, sudden necessary travel, and other COVID-19 related expenses. 

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