Conference Travel Grant


The GSA Conference Travel Grant is intended to help offset the costs of travel or registration fees at professional conferences in which a graduate student is presenting original research findings. It is designed to provide financial assistance to ALL graduate students. Eligible students will receive up to $200 in reimbursement for registration or travel costs related to conference travel. Additional funding can be found through Academic Senate.


In order to qualify, an applicant must be accepted to present original research data and have expenses not covered by other funding sources. Ineligible students are those who plan to attend a conference but are not presenting at that conference and/or who have complete funding for the conference through other sources (department, academic travel grant, etc.). 

Travel grants are only available once per academic year. The academic year includes the summer after the spring quarter. For example, if you get a travel grant during the 2019-2020 academic year, you are not eligible for a grant during summer 2020.

Grant Lottery Process 

During the academic year travel 45 grants are allocated each quarter. Eligible applications will be chosen randomly using a lottery system after the application process has closed. Late applications are not accepted. Applicants will be informed via email as to the status of their application no later than 1 week after the application deadline.

Application Deadlines 

Applications are accepted for review at the beginning of the quarter in which the student will attend the conference.  Please refer to the Application Window table below in order to confirm when you need to submit your travel grant.

During the summer quarter travel grants are given on a first-come first-serve basis starting July 1st.

Application Windows  

Students must apply within application windows in order to receive funding. Funding will not be granted retroactively. Summer applications are accepted on a rolling basis starting July 1st. For the academic year applications are accepted starting the first day of the quarter and are due by the 5th day after the first Monday of the quarter.

For the 2019-2020 year, these application windows are as follows:     


July 1 – September 23

Accepted on a rolling basis

Fall Quarter (September 23 – January 6) 

September 30 – October 9

Winter Quarter (January 6 – March 29)

January 6 – January 10

Spring Quarter (March 30 – July 1) 

March 30 – April 3


Grant Application Materials

To apply, please complete this GSA Travel Grant Application and email it to our VP of Budget, Finance, and Committees.You will need to also attach the following documents to the travel grant application.

  • Confirmation of your acceptance to present
  • An abstract of the paper/project to be presented
  • A receipt of conference registration fees
  • Receipts for travel costs, if you have them
  • Proof of attendance once you have participated in the event (photocopy of your badge or a photo of you at the conference)

Email Guidelines 

When emailing your grant, please save it as a single .pdf file as your last name, and just your last name. Please attach all necessary materials, with the exception of proof of travel, which must be submitted after the conference. Proof of travel most commonly includes a photograph of the student presenting or a photograph of the student’s conference badge.

Due Date for Final Documentation 

All final documentation (receipts, proof of attendance, etc.) must be received by the last day of the quarter for which the grant was applied for. Any grants that do not receive all documentation by the end of the quarter will be revoked and the corresponding funds rolled into the next quarter.


You will be reimbursed after you return from your conference with proof of your travel. GSA has allotted 45 travel grants per quarter. Any grants which are not allocated during that quarter (e.g., due to low number of applications or revoked grants), will be rolled over to the following quarter’s pool of grants. All documentation must be received by the last day of the quarter for which the travel grant was applied for or the grant will be revoked.

Awards are disbursed through the AS ticket office. Grants take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to process and you will be informed when your check is expected to be ready when your application is processed. The ticket office can be reached at (805) 893-2064 to check on the status of a check.

If you are unable to physically go to campus to pick up the check (for example are spending the quarter working remotely), it is possible to mail your check. All mail requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and checks will not be mailed to applicants who live in the Santa Barbara andGoleta area without extenuating circumstances. Please note in your application email that you would like the check mailed and provide a brief one paragraph description of why this is necessary.