Facts and Figures

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graduate programs

UCSB offers master’s degree and Ph.D. tracks in diverse disciplines, with top programs in engineering, the sciences, social sciences, humanities, education, and the arts. Many of our graduate programs are inherently interdisciplinary, such as Materials Science, Global and International Studies, and Media Arts and Technology.


We serve more than 3000 Graduate Students 

For the current academic year, UC Santa Barbara has more than 3000 graduate students enrolled.


We have 4 grants available for the graduate students

We give approximately 400 grants to individual students and 20 co-sponsorship grants to graduate student organizations.


We give 2 awards every academic year

As part of the Graduate Student Association mission, we recognize the teaching and service provided by and for graduate students. Each spring we recognize the excellence in teaching with the Excellence in Teaching Award. and the outstanding members of the university community who have unselfishly devoted themselves to the improvement of graduate student life with the Dixon-Levy Service Award.

Yes, that's right! We have a pool table, a Bagel Hour and Mosher Time


  • Every weekday — we provide free coffee in the GSA Lounge from 9am to 5pm. The pool table is available to play from 11am to 5pm.
  • Each Wednesday — we host a Bagel Hour in the GSA Lounge with free bagels and coffee.
  • Each quarter — we organize Mosher Time at the Mosher Alumni House and provide free food and drinks.


50 years or existence 

Do you know the GSA was founded back in the 60s and 70s?  

The oldest document we have on our records is dated from 1969 and is a minute of a meeting.

Do you know you can book the GSA Lounge?


The GSA Lounge is open to any and all graduate students, and campus-registered student groups or organizations that directly work with and/or benefit the graduate student body. Amenities include a balcony, a pool table, couches, tables and chairs. It’s a great space to work, relax, or visit with fellow graduate students! Free coffee is provided for graduate students every weekday during the academic year.


The GSA is entitled to sit on a number of committees 

The GSA is entitled to sit on a number of committees in order to work on important issues that affect graduate students, such as housing, health insurance, student fees, etc.

+50 Graduate Representatives 


We have more than 50 graduate representatives at the GSA voicing the concerns of the Graduate Students in their home departments.