Dixon-Levy Service Award

graduate students who have devoted themselves to the community


Each spring, winner(s) are selected by the Dixon-Levy Award Committee. Nominees and winner(s) are contacted by the selection committee, and winner(s) receive an award during the Graduate Student Association General Assembly Meeting in June. 



In 1998, the GSA established the Travis Dixon GSA Service Award to recognize graduate student Travis Dixon’s many years of service to the GSA. In 2002, the GSA renamed the award as the Dixon-Levy GSA Service Award to recognize graduate student Alan Levy’s many years of service to the GSA. The dual name of the award acknowledges that service to graduate students at UC Santa Barbara comes in many forms, not only through serving as an elected GSA Officer but also through the advocacy of graduate student interests in various ways.



Travis Dixon received his Ph.D. in Communication from UC Santa Barbara in 1998. Since receiving his degree, Dr. Dixon has worked as a professor at the University of Michigan and UCLA. He is currently a faculty member in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Alan Levy received his Ph.D. in Physics at UC Santa Barbara in early 2006. Since receiving his degree, Dr. Levy works as a Systems Engineer. 


All graduate students, undergraduates, administrators, faculty, and staff are eligible to be nominated. GSA elected officials are not eligible to be nominated for actions related to their elected role as Executive Officer.


This prestigious award will be given to outstanding members of the university community who have unselfishly devoted themselves to improving graduate student life. Contributions to graduate life should extend beyond what is deemed appropriate to everyday work or civic service responsibilities.


We are not accepting nominations for this award until January 2022. 


2020-2021 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipients 

Margaret McMurtrey | Marge Pamintuan-Perko | Simone Stewart | Jordan J. Tudisco | Julia Zuo

Honorable Mention of the Dixon-Levy Service Award

Heena Yoon

2019-2020 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipients

Naomi Joseph | Sheila Kulkarni | Caroline Reilly | Chloe Willis 

Honorable Mentions of the Dixon-Levy Service Award

Sage Gerson | Aili Pettersson Peeker | Cierra Raine Sorin | Giorgia Troiani

2018-2019 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipients

Donna Anderson | Nora Kassner | Yukari Okamoto | Lana Smith-Hale | Brett Yurash 

Honorable Mentions of the Dixon-Levy Service Award

Avi McClelland-Cohen | Mark Patterson

2017-2018 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipients

Sam del Castillo | Joy Garza | Timnit Kefela | Sherene Seikaly 

Honorable Mentions of the Dixon-Levy Service Award

Sarah Anderson | Catherine Nesci 

2016-2017 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipients

Melissa Barthelemy | Kyle Crocco | Inés Talamantez | Mark Wilber

Honorable Mentions of the Dixon-Levy Service Award 

Erin Adamson | David Stamps | Tricia Taylor 

2015-2016 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipients

Marcela Areyano | Arica Lubin | Jennifer Selvidge | Kelly Thomasson

2014-2015 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipient

Sherri Lynn Conklin

2013-2014 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipients

Sharalyn Sanders | Jeanne Stanford | Torrey Trust

2012-2013 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipient

Amirali Ghofrani 

2011-2012 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipients

Amber M. Gonzalez | Christopher Goodwin | Meysam Rezaei Barmi 

2004-2005 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipients

Kristi Costabile | Emma Flores | Diana Herrera

2001-2002 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipients

Douglas Fischer | John Hajda | Mary McMahon | Mark Schuller

2000-2001 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipients

Andy Ballantine | Gaemus Collins | Alan Levy | Angela Whipple

1999-2000 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipients

Christy Herren | Phil McCarty | Susan Myers

1998-1999 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipients

Anna Sandoval | Richard Sullivan | David Wakefield | Jessica Winston   

1997-1998 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipients

Scott Bell | Glyn Hughes | Chris Schedler

1996-1997 Dixon-Levy Service Award Recipients

Jason Austin | Naomi Johnson | Chris Martin