Academic Support

Disabled Students Program (DSP)

The DSP provides academic accommodations to students with disabilities. Students with disabilities are responsible for ensuring that DSP is aware of their disabilities and for providing DSP with appropriate documentation. DSP is located at 2120 Student Resource Building and serves as the campus liaison regarding issues and regulations related to students with disabilities. The DSP staff works in an advisory capacity with a variety of campus departments to ensure that equal access is provided to all disabled students. As Graduate Student, you have access to:

  • Extended time to degree plans: DSP in coordination with Graduate Division as well as providers and/or treatment team may work to create an extended time to degree plan that allows graduate students to maintain good academic standing while taking fewer courses per quarter or taking a longer time to complete program milestones. 

  • Comprehensive exam accommodations: DSP may work with department and faculty to address barriers introduced by some formats of comprehensive exams. DSP will coordinate with student and department to address inclusivity of format and recommend accessible modifications which may include extended time, modified exam format, etc. 


Campus Learning Assistance Services (CLAS)

CLAS helps students understand course concepts, engage students in the learning process, guide students toward discovering solutions to problems, and encourage students to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners. While many CLAS services are geared toward undergraduates, many of their academic skills and language development workshops are also open to graduate students​." Also replace the link with
this one:


English for Multilingual Students (EMS)

The English for Multilingual Students Program offers courses for undergraduate and international graduate students for whom English is not the first language. These courses help students develop English proficiency for academic and professional contexts. 


Instructional Development

Instructional Development is devoted to ensuring excellence in both undergraduate and graduate instruction at UCSB. Instructional Development addresses the needs of faculty and teaching assistants ​over a tremendous range of subject matter, teaching philosophies, methods, styles, and technologies through instructional consulting and evaluation; technical media production support; and technical media display support. 


Graduate Writers' Room

Whether you are working on your first seminar paper, putting the ​finishing touches on your dissertation, or just trying to catch up on some grading, the Graduate Writers' Room is ​here for you. ​Come work alongside your fellow graduate students, all while enjoying snacks and the best free coffee on campus!


The Office of the Ombuds 

The Office of the Ombuds is a safe place to come and discuss workplace issues, interpersonal conflict, academic concerns, bureaucratic runarounds, and many other problems. ​They serve faculty, staff, students, parents, ​and anyone else with a campus-related concern. All discussions are kept confidential. You can get in touch with ​them as a first step, as a last resort, or at any point along the way.