About GSA

the voice of graduate students

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is the elected representative government for the UC Santa Barbara graduate students. We articulate graduate student concerns to the campus administration and to campus-wide committees that deal with topics ranging from parking and student family concerns to long-range academic planning. Many graduate students, across many disciplines, are involved in helping achieve these goals and discussing future ventures for the GSA at UC Santa Barbara. We welcome anyone interested in becoming involved to please contact any current GSA officer for more information or suggestions on how you can get involved. Involvement in the GSA provides a greater understanding of how the university operates; a chance to affect policy and thereby improve the lives of graduate students; and a way to network with other people outside of your department.


We work to 
1. ensure that graduate student concerns are addressed in campus and off-campus policy decisions through representations on campus-wide and system-wide committees,
2. Provide graduate students with information concerning decisions that are relevant to student life,
3. Provide social activities for UCSB graduate students,
4. Inform graduate students of additional campus resources and services and
5. Provide graduate students with a physical space to use for both academic and social programming.